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Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
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Bhutan is the last of the mystical Himalayan Kingdoms. This beautiful kingdom is hidden in the Eastern Himalayas between India and China and is the size of Switzerland. The upper reaches of this kingdom are crowned with magnificent snow capped peaks, its lower reaches have dense forests blooming with red rhododendrons, unique art is it’s the hall mark, cheerful people its pride, gin clear streams are its jewels and amazing architecture its treasure. In this secret Himalayan paradise crime is unheard of, thefts rare, beggars are unseen and a traveler’s safety is guaranteed. Not much has changed here in the last few centuries, and that is how the locals like it. The Government of Bhutan aims to ensure a high ‘Gross National Happiness’ for its people, in sharp contrast to the rest of the world where the guiding factor is ‘Gross Domestic Production’.

The Bhutanese people are devout Buddhists and feel that progress should not be achieved at the expense of their way of life. Their unique & peaceful culture, promotes a perfect synergy between everything that makes up their world. This combined with the natural wonders of the Himalayas, has resulted in an environment that is probably the most pristine in this planet.

This is a land of colorful festivals and rituals that originate from Buddhism and reflect the deep spirituality of the people. Much of the art and cultural activities reflect Buddhist religious beliefs and highlight the perfect communion the Bhutanese enjoy with their surroundings.

Bhutan has something to offer for everyone. Our aim at Easy Tours of Bhutan is to offer you numerous diverse options, to discover Bhutan. You can choose between the regular tourism circuits of this amazing nation or travel a less frequented path and discover a less heard of Bhutan. Whatever may be your requirements, we have the answers. Our local expertise is matched only by the extreme level of personalized service, we provide our visitors.



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