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Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
Easy Tours of Bhutan
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Almost all travel, except local, is done by air. It's by far the safest and quickest way to move around in Asia. Road travel is only local, except when unavoidable. Almost always in our comfortable sport utilities. There is almost very little train travel and no bus travel scheduled on our regular tours, unless it's at the guests request, or because of an unforeseeable emergency.


To enable every guest to get the most out of their visit, we have carefully selected a few of the best hotels, inns & resorts, and reserve the best available rooms at those establishments..

Food & Drink

Choices between international cuisines & different gourmet Asian foods are available all through your visit.

Tour Levels

We provide three levels of tours, Deluxe, Luxury, and Opulent Level. The hotels of our Deluxe Tours are four star or four star plus. The hotels on our Luxury Level are Five star properties that rival or surpass the best that most tour operators offer for Asia. The hotels & rooms of our Opulent Levels are superior to anything our competition has to offer - at any price!


We employ a well trained support staff in Asia. Their primary purpose is to attend to the needs of our guests. You will be pleasantly surprised by our attention to detail.




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